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Welcome to the home of Dippett Fic! This site was originally created on Geocities by xfjunkie and when their free site hosting closed in October 2009 I got permission to move the site. While the design remains as xfjunkie created it, I have added in new stories and updated the summaries in order to make this a permanent archive rather than a recs site. I'll be adding more stories in the future, as they are suggested to me.
If any author finds a fic here that they don't want to have included on the site,
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Lingering by coolbyrne
Scully discovers Doggett's feelings towards her. Now it's up to her to decide what's next..

Love is the Thread of Life by L.M. Shard
The world as they had known it ended that fateful autumn day in the year 2001.

Man Alive by Anne Hedonia
He hadn't expected to feel this bad...or this much.

Man Overboard by Anne Hedonia
The sequel to "Man Alive."

Moments by Tasha
Scully comes to terms with the past.

One Hundred Lines by Jenna Tooms
Two bodies, one night, one hundred lines.

Refuge by Jenna Tooms
Scully seeks a safe place, and finds it.

Semper Fi by Anne Hedonia & spookycc
Scully learns something of Doggett's past. And Doggett learns something of Scully.

Silent Faith by Philiater
The discovery of unspoken pain and devotion can suddenly make the right choices clear.

Silent Journey by Philiater
Can love survive what isn't said?

Something Like Shrapnel by Anne Hedonia
Sequel to amsev's "Comfort During Wartime", wherein the phenomenon from that fic continues, and Doggett flails for sanity.

Souvenirs of a Day Gone By by Paige Caldwell
"In a world where only serial numbers distinguish life from death, John Doggett has become my one in five billion...."

Steam by Kabochon
Reaffirmation. Sequel to Anne Hedonia's "Fire From Ice."

Tenderness by coolbyrne
There is no need for reconnecting, for they are always connected.

This And My Heart by Philiater
Can love survive in a world where so many have died?

Untouchable Face by Rihannsu
"She's never let herself regret the strange, fascinating trajectory of her life. But now, now, she's obsessed with the conventional, with what is normal and usual and ordinary."

Useless Creatures by Philiater
Can one bodily invasion heal another?

Victoria's Secret Revealed by Forbes
Scully and Doggett get to play baby-sitter to a witness' daughter, while discovering one or two things about life, the universe and each other...

Watchdog by Anne Hedonia
She had managed to keep him shut out for all this time. And he had gone along with it. Until now.

Whiskey by Charlie
Scully thinks she wants sex, however she realizes she finds more.

Working It Out Forbes
This is just a stand-alone bit of fluff that popped into my head while I was pounding away on a running machine, bored out of my mind.
After Hours by L.M. Shard
Having just completed a case, Scully and Doggett spend some downtime together. Things get intense.

Are You Sad? by Tasha
The song "Are You Sad?" by the band Our Lady Peace keeps on bringing certain images into my mind when I listen to it, so I decided to write some of these images down.

Black and White Make Red by Jenna Tooms
Familiar elements make an unexpected equation.

Cafe Au Lait by Jenna Tooms
"No place was home, without Scully."

Changing Constellations by Rihannsu
When did falling in love become the worst you could do to another person? The sequel to "Untouchable Face."

Choosing To Confess by Scullystar
Dogget decides to confront his feelings for Scully by telling her exactly how he feels, even when he knows Reyes has the same feelings for HIM.

Clarification by Cassie
Scully takes Doggett to the After Eight Lounge in Philadelphia.

C'Mere by Anne Hedonia
An exploration of what is, in my opinion and in the proper situation, a very sexy phrase.

Comfort During Wartime by amsev
"Am I awake?" he wondered to himself.

Condensation by Anne Hedonia
After talking the talk, Scully faces the walk. The sequel to "Steam."

A Couple of Head Cases by Anne Hedonia
In this story, Doggett and Scully are not only involved, they're happy about it.

Everything But the Girl by Anne Hedonia
Scully and Doggett want the same thing for Christmas.

Fire From Ice by Anne Hedonia
Fun with cliches! Snowed-in mountain cabin, wounded agent, nursing back to health, realizations of loyalties, bathtub.

If I Didn't Have You by Jenna Tooms
Faith is having love even when hope is lost.

Impossibilium by coolbyrne
Doggett discovers how events in "Tithonus" have changed Scully's life.

In Memoriam by Rihannsu
She thinks about memory as a tidal pool, filled with fantastic life and treacherous waters. The sequel to "Changing Constellations."

Indefinite Article by Anne Hedonia
An "indefinite article" = an object that raises questions.

Insomnia by Tasha
Mulder seems to be gone for good. Scully has left the X-Files, Doggett has trouble sleeping, and both of them have trouble dealing with what is left.

The Last Worthless Evening by Anne Hedonia
Scully and Doggett have a certain emotional arrangement, but it's about to change.

Learning to Dance by Tasha
After the events of NIHT, Doggett makes sure everything is alright.

The Light From the Corners by Federal Dust
Scully tries to reconcile residual feelings for/about Mulder in order to make peace with Doggett.

Linger by coolbyrne
Scully sees things through Doggett's eyes.